Casa Trebol, Sold November 2014

Casa Trebol, on the Riviera Nayarit in Sayulita,

is our vacation home  one block from the Pacific ocean and surfing beach in Sayulita, for sale by owners Nanci and son, Corey Closson.   Builder, architect Corey and his family, are full time permanent residents of Sayulita.

Take a short tour via Casa Trebol video:



After  Nanci’s completion and sale of Casa AmanecerCasa Curvas and Casa Big Fig (now Casa Maravilla) in Sayulita, son Corey designed and built Casa Trebol (including the round dipping pool) with a small crew of a maestro and 2 helpers over a 3 year period.  Outfitted with Corey’s detailed woodworking (kitchen cabinetry, closets, built-ins, windows, doors, this is one the best constructed homes in Sayulita, with attention to details that count for the long run; electric, plumbing,(*lighting), top notch construction.

Nanci added landscaping, decor, details, her own crafts and original paintings at Trebol to complete this exquisite getaway.

Photo Gallery

Casa Trebol Night Upstairs Deck 1 Casa Trebol Night Pool 1_1 Casa Trebol Night Outside Upstairs 1 Casa Trebol Night Front House 1 Casa Trebol Night BR 1 Casa Trebol Downstairs Bath 1 Casa Trebol Night Backyard 1 270_street 235_stairwell 210_BATH2 Casa Trebol Kitchen table 2 Casa Trebol Night Kitchen 1

Strong Vacation Rental History:  visit webpage

Sayulita Life For Sale by Owner Listing:

Trebol Map Location


Price: $426K USD
  • Maint/CC: N/A
  • Taxes: N/A
  • BRs: 2
  • BAs: 3
  • Parking: YES
  • Age: 2
  • View: garden home retreat behind walls
  • Furnished: Yes
  • Land Sq Ft: Approx. 3500
  • Building Sq Ft: Approx. 1800
  • Fully titled
  • 2 large full baths main house, 1 shower/bath poolside
  • 11’ round pool with in-water surround bench
  • Pool cabana storage, bath
  • Poolside palapa with built in couch
  • Generous natural light

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Send email with your questions to owner Nanci Closson

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